BSCRA Annual Council Meeting – 5 November 2023  (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman ),  Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary), Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator),  Chris Frost (Secretary & web site): David Sargent (Treasurer) (for part of the meeting),
Apologies  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Will Stemman (Safeguarding),

Chairman's Report

Mark Witham thanked all the officials and volunteers.  

Racing has returned to something near normal both Nationaly and at most clubs, although numbers still haven't recovered to pre Covid levels for many races.  

Treasurer’s report

The Association income approximately covered its costs in 2023 despite suffering  a steep rise in energy  costs.

Our main expenditure is the National centre and track. The rent  is the largest single item.  Once again we benefited from trophy sponsorship which as always is much appreciated.   Overall the pre-payment option incentive has been taken up. Although there do seem to be a small number who prefer to continue to pay on the day with the 25% increase.  Members are encouraged members to pay by bank transfer where possible to save BSCRA incurring the paypal charges.

Membership fees for 2024 will remain at £13 Adult & Club & £6.50 Junior.
Entry Fees for National events  will remain at £24 per person per class adult  : £12 per class junior: £90 for the team of 4 in the club team event.  

Some reductions in entry fees were agreed where there were two events in one day;-
The Production Challenge and F2 race will be held on the same day, entry fees for adults will be £20 per person for one of the classes, £30 per person for both classes : half price for juniors.

The Clubman Nationals will be a stand alone event.   Entry fees  for adults will be £20 per person for one of the classes, £30 per person for both classes : half price for juniors.
 As always these are the fees for advanced payment, 25% extra will be added to all fees if paid on the weekend of the event.

Racing Rules

Controller Eligibility
Controllers have again been scrutinised by tests at some major 2023 events on the Nationals track.   All the controllers measured have met the rules.   There will be similar testing at future events.

Supplementary Rules
It was agreed that  rules on such things as penalties for unjustified track calls, late marshalling etc. that are currently applied as supplementary rules at each national event should become a more permanent addition to the rules.

  National Track and National Centre

There has been substantial maintenance on the track prior to the 1/32 Nationals.  In particular  a number of track joints and corners were re braided.  A big thank you to all the volunteers .  This dealt with the high priority work very successfully, more work is planned in 2024.   Once this is completed less maintenance should be needed for a considerable period.  The track does not need to be moved so there is less degradation particularly at the joints.

Competitors are generally doing a fair job of cleaning up their pit spaces at the end of meetings, but this could be better.  
Council members will continue to ‘take the lead’ and show an example in starting the clean up at the end of a meeting. We must remember to include the drivers rostrum and floor round the track as well as our pit spaces.  Some more help with cleaning the kitchen and toilet at the end of meetings would be appreciated.

Nationals Organisation

1 Clubman Nats  3 March –  It was agreed the 2024 Clubman Nationals will be run as a separate event   There is encouraging news about the number of competitors and the reduction in energy costs from the very high 2023 levels make this viable as a stand alone event.  The membership are being consulted on their preferred way of timetabling a one or two day event.

2  1/32 Nats – 4-6 May   Saturday  Saloon:  Sunday F1,Monday Sports:  

The same qualifying procedure  as 2023 will be used .

3 Club Team / Production Challenge – 7/8 September  -  Saturday Production Challenge for Super Production / Genesis and provisionally F2 : Sunday National Club Team Championship.

4  1/24 Nationals – 23/24 November   This will be the final round of the 1/24 British Open Championship.     The title had  reverted to the  1/24 Nationals because since the pandemic we have not been attracting an International entry.    It is a 2 day event as the size of the entry no longer justifies a 3 day event, this also means it doesn't have to be on a bank holiday.

5 British Open Championship –The 1/32 BOC has been attracting good size entries and will continue to be run on club tracks.  The restricted class and brushless class  are successful and will continue to be a permanent part of the championship.
Some of the 1/24 BOC rounds have  attracted disappointingly small entries.  As some racers will be more encouraged to attend when travelling some distance if only Saturday night accommodation is needed it was agreed that Saturday practice should start at lunchtime like the 1/32nd BOC.  The brushless class  was considered successful and will continue as part of the championship.
The series levy will now be 10% of the entry fees rather than a fixed fee per event.

The dates for both BOCs are agreed.  Steve Sargent has invited clubs to apply for rounds, once they have responded  a full programme will be published.

6  Endurance Racing  An 8 hour endurance race for 1/24 Eurosport is thought  to be more viable now that  brushless motors are more widely used.    The provisional date is 28 July 2024.  Advanced entries will be invited and it is hoped there will be sufficient entries for the event to be viable.

An international  attempt on the long standing 1/24  24 hour world record  and the build up race for a Laycock rules 1/32 record were planned for 2023.   Neither attracted enough entries to go ahead.    It is thought we should look at this again in 2024 and possibly hold a record attempt in 2025.

 Future Meetings

The meeting ran successfully using Zoom. The next Annual Council Meeting is scheduled for 20th October 2024 but interim meetings may be called by the chairman.

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