The eligability of Brushless Motors was discussed by the BSCRA Council.

Other countries, and ISRA in particular are planning discussions on the use of brushless motors later this year. Before making any proposals in this area, it was decided that BSCRA should wait until feedback from these discussions was received, and more experience of running with, and competing against brushless cars, had been gained in the UK.

There is currently not enough evidence for the BSCRA Council to make a judgement on what effects this major change to slot racing might have in the UK. The BSCRA Council will continue to follow these discussions closely, as the results of them may influence the future direction our membership wish to take in this area.

The current interpretation of BSCRA rules is that brushless motors will be eligible for both the 1/32nd and 1/24th 2022 BOC series along with the 1/32nd Nationals in May 2022, without restriction.

January 2022

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