The 2024  Championship

I am pleased to announce agreement has now been reached for  a 5 round 1/24th BOC this year. The rounds are:

24/25 Feb Skyline

13/14 Apr Raceway 81

22/23 Jun Pinewood

10/11 Aug Rockingham

23/24 Nov Nationals Corby

As usual 4 out of 5 rounds will count for the series.

For anyone who may not have read the ACM minutes the council.have spent some time trying to make the series more appealing to.more racers. 2 areas identified that deter some is the cost & time commitment of attending.

With that in mind BSCRA is stipulating that entry fees should ideally be £30 - £40 full.entry.& maximum of £45. Similarly 1/32nd rounds should be in the range of £20 - £30 with a maximum £35.

Also for 1/24th Sat practice should start at 12.00 to allow racers some distance away to only need 1 nights accommodation cost & less time commitment.

We hope to see you plenty of you contesting the series.

Steve Sargent
BSCRA BOC Coordinator


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1/24 BOC  2024   British Open Championship