Hard bodied 1/32 cars Record set in March 2010

This  record of 233.3 miles was set  Chicago on  6/7 March 2010 on Mid-America Raceway's 148.5 ft Midwest Monster track.  Team Slingshot beat five other teams in the event. The Team Slingshot> drivers (L-R) are Jon Grizzle, Kurt Moser, Doug Whelan, Mark Azarraga, Sean Ferreyra, Jason Stanley and George Bagley. The winning team drove a ScaleAuto Toyota powered by a Slot.it Boxer 2 motor and equipped with SlotCar Corner  wheels and silicon tires.

Thanks to Jeff Goldberg for the story and photos

This beat the hardbody record of 223.3 miles set  on 6/7 June 2009 in  Brno, Czech Republic on a 116 feet 6 inch (35.50m) eight lane circuit at the SCR Bruno club.  

Team Slingshot The Midwest Monster The Winning Car

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