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Driver Grades

For the 2020 season drivers are again divided into 3 grades for racing - Premier, Main, and Clubman.   Everybody is eligible for overall victory.    Drivers in Main and Novice grade are eligible for Main grade trophies.  Only drivers in Clubman (aka Novice) grade are eligible for Clubman grade trophies.    

There is also the Masters grade for former champions who are no longer  eligible for the premier grade.  Masters grade drivers race in the main grade.

The details are somewhat complicated, for the full details see the BSCRA Handbook - PART 3 .

For the main changes to who is in which grade each year see 2020 / 2021 changes

Most of the  2020 season has been postponed or cancelled due to COVID 19.   The 2020 Nationals currently postponed till the spring of 2021 and the 2020 driver grades will be used for that event.  

The grade changes that are normally due on 1st January 2021 have been postponed until after the 2020 Nationals. The details of the 2021 driver grades will be confirmed when it is certain that the scheduled 2020 Nationals can go ahead.  

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Driver Ranking

The driver ranking system places drivers in a ranking order based on their results.   The system used to calculate the rankings is fully explained on a separate page.  The ranking list is sometimes used to decide the order in  which drivers take their qualifying runs at race meetings.  The provisional 2021 ranking list will be replaced by the official 2021 rankings at the start of the racing season

Driver Grades and Rankings