Driver Grades for 2019

The final 2018 event that could changes driver grades for 2019 took place on 2nd December, so we now have the full 2019 list.  Most drivers stay in in their existing grades for 2019, below is a list of those who change grades together with the reasons for the changes.  The BSCRA Members web site was updated on 12 December 2018 to show all drivers’ 2019 grades.

(Drivers all stay in their existing grades till the end of 2018, and only change from 1st January 2019).

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Drivers going up to Premier Grade on 1st January 2019

Dave Stevenson

2018 F1 Champion

Lee Parsons

2018 Nationals finalist

Stan Alton

2018 Main Grade Champion

Keith Gibson

2018 Main Grade Champion

Mike Thomson

2018 Main Grade Champion

Note Pete Clarkson now remains in Premier Grade for 2019 due to a rule change.

Drivers going from Premier to Main Grade on 1st January 2019

Sandy Parker

2017 Main Grade Champion

Keith Packer

2017 Main Grade Champion

Drivers going from Clubman to Main Grade on 1st January 2019

Josh Bryant

2018 Clubman Saloon Champion

James Noake

2018 INTRO 32 Champion: 2018 Nationals Results (29th Sal & F1, 16th Sports)

Terry Foster

2018 Nationals Results (36th sal,34th F1)

Callum  Wood

2018 Nationals Results (33rd sal, 25th F1)

David Wood

2018 Nationals Results (35th F1, 34th sports)

Drivers going from Main Grade to Clubman on 1st January 2019

Paul Evans

Rule change about ISRA points

Drivers who’s membership lapsed some years ago are not listed