Award winners Steve Sargent and Chris Frost

Photo by Dick Stevenson


Long Service Award

Chris Frost presented with BSCRA Long Service Award.

I was delighted to announce at the International 1/24th meeting, the Council’s decision to present the BSCRA Long Service Award to Chris Frost.

Chris has supported slot racing in general, and ECRA/BSCRA in particular, for around half a century now, he has been on the Association council for 45 years, initially as Competition Secretary and as Association Secretary since 1974. In that role he has worked tirelessly and efficiently to support us in a myriad of ways. These include : managing our new rule proposals every year, organising and documenting our council meetings, helping structure our constitution and our rules and regulations, determining National allocation places (and working to fill them), managing our web site, and much much more. In addition, he has always been there, setting up and dismantling the track wiring at almost all of the National events over that extensive period.

Chris joins a small but very select group of people to whom BSCRA have made this special award, so for all your hard and effective work Chris – thank you.

Mark Witham
BSCRA Chairman August 2017


Charlie and Margaret Fitzpatrick  presented with BSCRA Long Service Award in 2015

Charlie and Margaret Fitzpatrick were presented with the trophy for long and excellent service to slot racing.

Their Betta and Classic products have been used by slot racers since the earliest days of ECRA slot racing, and back to rail racing before that.  There were plenty of their products in use at this year’s National finals meetings.

Margaret and Charlie have recently retired, Betta and Classic continue run by their son Ian.  So this is a good time to say thank you to Margaret and Charlie.

Chas Keeling (left) presents the trophy to Charlie and Margaret

The trophy was donated by Jim O'Sullivan, previous recipients were Chas Keeling in 2012 and Ian Fisher in 2013

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Long Service Award

Steve Sargent presented with BSCRA Long Service Award.

It was a privilege to announce at this year’s 1/32nd Nationals, the Council’s decision to present the BSCRA Long Service Award to Steve Sargent.

Steve Sargent is often referred to as Mr BSL - having created the series in the early 1990’s, and having run it ever since. This has involved purchasing a track, finding venues and setting up tracks for the finals each year. This long running and successful series has been a great introduction to racing away from one’s club to many youngsters, and it has been the starting point for a number of our top racers including Paul Shepherd, Martin Ellis, Graeme Stevenson and David Sargent among others.

Steve has also been an Area delegate and loyal member of the Fylde club for many, many years, where his enthusiasm for racing and encouraging newcomers into the sport has been an example to us all. He has been a staunch supporter of National and International racing, having competed with BSCRA at the highest levels of our National and World Championship Finals for as long as I can remember.

He is also one of our hardest working Council members, and has been so for almost 20 years, holding a number of posts including Development Officer and BOC/Calendar Co-ordinator. In fact, he has been the 1/32nd BOC coordinator for around 30 years – even before it became a council post in 2016.   He then also took on board the responsibility for the 1/24th BOCs in the early 1990’s. Without his professionalism and attention to detail, it is difficult to see how we would ever group all our events across the country into a calendar year.

No association can survive for long without hardworking and dedicated individuals, and Steve’s efforts over the last 30 years have helped build the heritage that we all enjoy today – so Steve, thank you from us all.

Mark Witham

BSCRA Chairman May 2019