Links -Track Building & Maintenance


1/32 and 1/24 tracks

Chris Frost's site on track design, building and maintenance

Steve Ogilvie's Slotblog "Simple ways to build home tracks"

Ray Gardner's track building and repair manual

Archive copy of this site, the site is no longer being maintained

HO tracks  

HO Track Buidling by  Andy Whorton

HO Slot Car Track Building Group (Facebook group)

Wooden Track section of
Archive copy of this site, sadly its owner Greg Braun died earlier in 2020 so the site is no longer active.

Here’s a link to the archive of the whole hoslotcarracing site, but don’t try placing an order!

Suppliers -

Track Builders

Janis Nabokins

L Harrysson / M.Landrud (contact via Hjarup-Raceway)

Gary Gerding

Chris Dadds

Race Management Systems

Lap Master


  Race Coordinator  



Magnetic Braid

Jim Honeycutt, Magnatech SRP, Box 29931, San Antonio TX 78229-0931 USA

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