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News update July 2018

The ex Timaru track has been sold to a BSCRA member who plans to install it in their garage. The big track has been retained by the Dudley club.


News update June 2018

As you are all aware, last Monday (18th June 2018)  was the final racing at Dudley in Mister Dave's factory due to the completion date of the factory takeover looming and we need to empty the rooms

During the week since we have negotiated a new location for the club, we need to do some work on the new room and we are currently working out a track to fit the room. We are looking to utilise as much as the big track as possible, which we have started today to remove the fences.

Watch this space as will post more information when we are moving

Chris Thomas


It is with great sadness that Dudley slotcar club will be closing after racing on Monday 18th June 2018.

With over 13 years of racing the factory is changing to new ownership from July 1st. Therefore we are in the process of looking for a new home.

Monday night we will be racing 24th falcon sports which has been the nucleus of the club racing for the clubs history.

Doors open for the final time at 7pm.

Chris Thomas

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Closure Announcement

It is with great sadness we have to announce that after 9 years of great racing Raceway 81 will close it’s doors for the last time on the evening of the 10th of June 2018 after the UKRRA race as we are unable to reach an amicable agreement for a new lease with the landlords..

As you may be aware the track was built as a monolithic structure and not in sections which is why it is so smooth. This does however cause a problem when closing the raceway. We have decided that the track should be offered FREE to anyone who wishes to collect it and it would be cut into sections to make rejoining it fairly simple. This would also mean it would require rebraiding after re assembly. All legs are available and can be numbered to ensure correct re-assembly. IT IS HOWEVER ESSENTIAL THAT ANYONE WHO WISHES TO OBTAIN THIS GREAT TRACK FOR FREE NEEDS TO GUARANTEE COLLECTION BY THE 18TH OF JUNE 2018. The track has a footprint of 5.2Mts x 10.20Mtrs (with on long side against a wall) . Total lap length is 43.4 Mtrs.

The electrical and practical infrastructure for the track is also available;

1) Totally stable race control tower computer running Windows 7 work group with Ultramon dual screen feature, sound card and interface for lap master, key board, mouse and also separate Wi-Fi keyboard with on-board mouse for remote race control

2) Creative sound system with boom box and 3 speakers.

3) Lapmaster 8 lane race control System with race control system.

4) 5 x computer screens. (Four of which have wall brackets).

5) 3 x Screen Splitters.

6) Projector with wall mount screen and also a stand alone screen.

7) Dell monochrome laser printer

8) PA System with microphone and dual speakers.

9) 3 X Rapid Electronics 40 Amp power supplies (variable voltage or fixed setting of 13.9v)

10) 6 x Professor Motor transistorised, house hand controllers.

11) 7 x 1/24th House cars with AB laser chassis, hawk 25 motors and 20 thou screen printed bodies.

12) selection of long comms cables for screens.

All for the veritable bargain of £600.00 Customer collects .

All serious enquiries please to

Raceway 81 is at Unit 81, Imex Centre, Station Lane, Birtley, Co. Durham DH3 1QT

Andy Brown Searle

May 2018


Luton Slot Car Club

The Luton club is up and running on their new track in their new premises.  The details are

Location  Raceway - Bushmead Community Hub, Luton, LU2 7SF

Slotstox - 227-229 Bedford, Road, Kempston MK42 8DA

Club Nights    Raceway – Wednesday    :    Slotstox – Alternate Fridays

Contacts:  Nick Thrower 07900 227222 : Marc Lyons 07711 639466: Stan Alton 07926 561175 :
Ray George 07851 419852  :

Web site

Nick Thrower
 May 2018

This is great news after the loss of their previous clubroom.


Latest news -  After the last race day on 10th June the track has  been cut into sections and put in storage by the club.  The track was offered to other clubs but there were no takers

June 2018



Latest news from Alan Lucas.
The club has a new web site, which replaces

Earlier in the year the club was told it would have to vacate its clubroom at St Cuthbert's Primary School Edinburgh EH14 1RP.     We're still in our premises and it's now unlikely we'll be forced to vacate this year,

September 2018