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The Raceway in Spalding is now operational in Spalding. It has its own Café and is a retail outlet for models/hobbies etc. An Open evening is being arranged for February 2016 when ALL are welcome.

There’s an Area 10 Nationals qualifying round at the raceway on Sunday 13 March 2016.

Please contact Charlie Gooding in the first instance for details.

(Please note the Raceway moved in August 2016, see above)

I regret to have to announce that Luton Slot Car Club have been given notice to vacate their existing premises at Venue 360 because the area that we occupy has been leased to Luton Town Football Club for training purposes who require a totally secure area. This means that we are now in the process of finding new accommodation and will be looking to Venue 360 and Luton Town Football Club to honour their press release promise - “Both Venue 360 and LTFC will do everything possible to minimise disruption during this period and try to help find new facilities for those who may be permanently displaced, if at all possible.“. The timetable is currently set as:

Up to 20/8 – business as usual – see the racing calendar

21/8 – Rescheduled Southern 32 round which will be the last chance to race on the LSCC track as it exists now. This date has been exchanged with Dowty who will now hold the final S32 round in November.

22/8 – start dismantling the track and other equipment (expected to take 3 weeks)

15/9 – final clearance and vacate the club room

Progress of finding new premises will be updated with email updates, Facebook and Twitter posts and web site updates.

If anyone knows of suitable premises (100 Sq Metres, Electric, Water, Toilets) – get in touch urgently.

Richard Hills


Luton’s club track is up for sale on Ebay.

4 lane Lap length approx 110 ft / 33.5m

Footprint about 11.5 x 5 meters/38 x16 feet

If anyone wants to make us an offer, the club is happy to consider it and cancel the listing.

Nick Thrower

Luton Slot Car Club

Club Track For Sale


Due to Health and Safety reasons the club have decided to move the track to another location. In the short term we will  be concentrating on developing  a club and once established a viable commercial raceway.   John Gooding, Steve and Ollie Rolfe will be developing the club while Charlie Gooding is taking a sabbatical for health reasons and aims to return raring to go!

Best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery!

August 2016