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Competitor info for the Pinewood Classic Team Race - 5th September



Thanks to the efforts of a lot of people the Festival will take place at BSCRA’s National Centre, Corby on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June.

I would like to publicly thank Mark Witham, Gavin Wills, Michael Thomson and all at the Rockingham club for their understanding in respect of this. They have chosen to cancel their planned racing even though at no point did we ask them to do this. However we are grateful for their co-operation.

Andy Smith
18 June 2021


Following the government announcement on Monday 14th June  about COVID restrictions it is no longer possible to run the V&C Festival at Pinewood.

Negotiations are in progress  to move the event to another venue, entrants will be informed as soon as we have a definite answer.

Contact Andy Smith at Andyofenderby@gmail for further information.  

17 June 2021



Race days 26/27 June 2021 Entries close 31 May 2021

The postponed 2020 V&C event will now be taking place at Pinewood on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27 June 2021.  Four classes are being raced: F32 and Saloon on Saturday and F1 and Sports on Sunday.  In Sports, F1 and Saloon the class will be split into three eras one broadly for each decade between 1970 and 1994 where cars started to change to a more lighter modern style.  Competitors have the option of running in two eras in each class. Racing will take place under modern track conditions and only modern fish rubber type rears are allowed.  Entry is £25 and must be made by midnight on 31st May at which point the classes and eras raced must be declared.  Contact Andy Smith at Andyofenderby@gmail for further information.

Fees are £10 for each of the main classes. (Saloon, Sports, F1)  Competitors can enter in two different eras in each class or race in one era throughout.

F32, Constructors and Concours are free.

£25.00 for the three main classes.

F32 and Saloon on Saturday.  Sports and F1 on Sunday.

Payment to Dave Austin.  

Contact details and entry to

PayPal payments to the same address please.  

Please also include what eras will be competed in in the main classes when entering.  

Andy Smith
April 2021
updated 3 May 2021




Race days 10 October /Sunday 11 October 2020 Entries close 14 September 2020

Anyone who attends the  Event MUST complete and submit the entry form no matter in what capacity they are attending the event.  This is necessary to control numbers to COVID-safe limits

FEES ARE £10 FOR EACH MAIN CLASS (SALOON, F1 AND SPORTS) OR £25 FOR ALL THREE. All other competitions are complimentary.

Please complete the entry form and return it to There is a Paypal account set up attached to this email but we can also take payment by BACS. (please send email to request BACS details.

Once payment and the entry form has been received you will be allowed to submit cars for scrutineering to a closed Facebook page for competitors only.  If not on Facebook, please complete the attached scrutineers form and four pictures of each car to be raced (one from the front,side, rear and underside) marked to correspond with the scrutineer form entry. and return this to  Scrutineering closes on 30th September 2020

PLEASE NOTE the entry for this event closes ON 14TH SEPTEMBER and there will be no exceptions to this. ALL COMPETITORS MUST COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM, EVEN IF ONLY COMPETING IN THE TEAM RACE because of Covid.

Andy Smith
August 2020


New - Rules updated for the the 2020 Vintage and Classic National Meeting

Vintage and Classic National Meeting at 10 October /Sunday 11 October 2020 Pinewood Raceway. Note Date Change.

Over the last few weeks a working group has been formed to look at this. The members are Paul Bucknell, Nigel Barrow, Richy Kettleson, Dave Austin, Paul Harwood and me as Chair. The first thing we looked at was the date. We decided that to move it to the October date as, for various reasons, this was the best option. An exact race format is being looked as will the cars raced and various other aspects of the meeting. So far the conversations have been forthright but constructive. We all aim to make this a real celebration of classic car racing and the racers of the last century while still reflecting the ethos of the present V&C series. Further details will be available when we've finalised them  

It'd also be good if we can sort accommodation and a celebratory meal Saturday night but as with everything we're a long way off with this yet and it all very much is dependant on how Covid-19 plays out. We will keep you updated as this progresses as it happens

Andy Smith
April 2020


Due to the present situation with regards to Covid 19, the V&C series for this year will be cancelled and instead it is proposed that a Classic Nationals be held at Pinewood Raceway in the weekend of the 6th September. This has to be a provisional date given the present circumstances. It is hoped this will be a well supported event by both people competing and others who were part of the scene at the time. Plans are still being made and further information will follow...

Andy Smith
April 2020


In line with the current position with regards to COVID-19 the V&C series will have to be postponed for the forseeable future. Hopefully this situation will be sorted sooner as opposed to later and we can all get back on track soon...

Andy Smith
March 2020