Teeside 3/4 December

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1/32 BOC 2016   British Open Championship

The final round of the 2016 championship was at Teesside club.

Thanks to Glenn Atterton for all the photos and info on the meeting

It’ll be the last outing for most of these saloon bodies, but one driver was trying a body that’ll still be eligible in 2017.

The underside of all the F1s

The F1 A final  showing the similar looking cars from James and Gavin - so similar that James picked up the wrong one for qualifying!

Some sports variety - not everybody used an Audi

James Cleave won Saloon and Sports.  Here we have a rare moment for him in 2016 - being presented with anything less than the winners’ trophy.

Gavin Wills - F1 winner

Main Grade wins for Pat Skene, Chris Aldridge and David Sargent : Mick Metcalfe top Clubman

Copyright ©  2016 British Slot Car Racing Association  Photos copyright G.Atterton  All rights reserved