Most of you will have seen yesterday’s government announcement about the coronavirus crisis.  

This weekend’s BOC meeting needed the most urgent action, and the cancellation/postponement of the Leicester meeting was announced earlier today.    

It seems inevitable there will have to be further postponements / cancellations for as long as the current level of government  restrictions are in force.  Obviously we don't know how long restrictions might be in place.  The BSCRA Council is discussing contingency plans for various different lengths of shut down.    If we cannot run the 1/32 Nats on the scheduled May date, running it at a later date in 2020 is BSCRA's top priority even if that means it replaces another scheduled meeting.

Mark Witham, BSCRA Chairman
Chris Frost,  BSCRA Secretary,
17 March 2020

----------------- 13 March 2020 -----------------------

Like everyone, the BSCRA council has been busily gathering as much information as possible about the impact of the coronavirus (COVID -19).

Most of you will have seen yesterday's government announcement about coronavirus.  The latest measures do not restrict slot racing meetings, or indeed much larger sporting events.    However it is uncertain what measures  the government will deem necessary in the future  or over what period  they will be in place.

At present the meetings on our calendar are going ahead and you should continue to enter for the 1/32 nationals as normal.  The BSCRA council is monitoring the situation and will post updates as necessary.  I'm sure everybody is hoping for the minimum of disruption, but if changes are needed our preference is to postpone rather than cancel major meetings.    In the meantime it's suggested we all follow official advice, such as the NHS web site .

Mark Witham, BSCRA Chairman
Chris Frost,  BSCRA Secretary,
13 March 2020

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