Minutes of Meetings and Decisions

2017 Proposals

Here is a summary of the results of the voting.  Click on the links for full details of the proposals.
Out of 181 eligible to vote, 99 members voted. Voting closed at midnight on 29 September 2017.

A INTRO 32 Cars

A1 Falcon replacement for INTRO 32 -  JK Hawk Retro 86 Votes: JK Hawk MB 6 votes:  7 Abstentions

A2 Continued use of Falcon motors - Allow Falcon & JK Hawk Retro  67 Votes: JK Hawk only 23 votes: 9 Abstentions

A3 Only one body allowed - Rejected - Votes 14 for: 79 against: 6 Abstentions

B 1/32 Car standards and body policy

B1 1/32 Sticker front wheel diameter reduced Accepted - Votes 49 For: 43 Against: 7 Abstentions

B2 Scale colour schemes in F1 Rejected - Votes 35 For: 56 against: 8 Abstentions

B3 1/32 bodies must be at least 2 colours Accepted - Votes 60  For: 30 Against: 9 Abstentions

B4 1/32 saloon reverts to 2016 bodyshell rules Rejected - Votes 42 For: 52 Against: 5 Abstentions

B5 1/32 Sports/GT to use ISRA bodyshells only Rejected - Votes 25 For: 55 Against: 19 Abstentions

C 1/24 Car standards and policy

C1 1/24 Sticker front wheel diameter reduced Accepted - Votes 48 For: 42 Against: 9 Abstentions

C2 1/24 Production motor parts from different manufacturers Accepted - Votes 44 For: 43 Against: 12 Abstentions

C3 1/24 Production longer eligibility for ISRA shells Accepted - Votes 69 For: 8 Against: 22 Abstentions

C4 1/24 Eurosports to use ISRA bodyshells only Rejected - Votes 24 For: 54 Against: 19 Abstentions

D Competition Rules

D1 Loss of front wheels in F1/F2 Accepted - Votes 57 For: 28 Against: 14 Abstentions

D2 Track gooping during practice. Accepted - Votes 72 For: 14 Against: 13 Abstentions

E 1/32 Nationals

E1 Area Nats Qualifying Places  Open Entry 20 Votes: Based on Area Meeting numbers 22 votes: No change 48 votes: 9 Abstentions

E2 Nats to revert to non-segmented format Rejected - Votes 14 For: 69 Against: 16 Abstentions

E3 INTRO 32 to be run on main Nats weekend Rejected - Votes 18 For: 59 Against: 22 Abstentions

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, September 2017


Members are asked to vote on the following proposals at the BSCRA Members’  web site by 29 September.  You are very welcome to discuss the proposals on the BSCRA Members Facebook group and at clubs.  Please remember these are all just proposals, any that the majority of members vote for will become rule changes.   The results of the voting will be published as soon as the votes are counted at the beginning of October.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, August 2017


Request for  Proposals

BSCRA members are welcome to propose changes to BSCRA rules.  The proposal need to be proposed and seconded by current BSCRA members.  All proposals must be received by the BSCRA secretary (Chris Frost ) by 1st July 2017, although we recommend you get any proposals in before the deadline.

The proposals will then be reviewed by the Competition Rules Committee / Council (in consultation with the proposer).   BSCRA members will then vote on them and the decision will be published at the beginning of October.  Any changes  to car and track standards will come into force on 1st January 2018 unless agreed otherwise.   

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, May 2017

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