Minutes of Meetings and Decisions

2017 Proposals - C - 1/24 Car standards and policy

The approved changes apply from 1st January 2018, Rejected changes are shown with a grey background

C1 1/24 Sticker front wheel diameter reduced

2  For 1/24 classes the minimum diameter for "sticker" fronts shall be reduced to 12.7 mm diameter.

Handbook amendment

In 1/24 classes 6 to 8 (Open Group 12: Eurosport: Production saloon )      The Minimum front tyre diameter - Rotating tyres 12.7 mm, "Sticker" fronts 15mm shall be replaced by  Minimum front tyre diameter - 12.7 mm

Explanation - This brings the BSCRA rules in line with the rest of the world's rules on sticker front diameter and if passed, along with proposal B1, will reduce confusion about what size wheels are needed along with the need to only have one size of front wheel. However, the proposal will allow the front of the body to be mounted lower, much of the rest of the world has other restrictions on how low the front of the body can be mounted.

C2 1/24 Production motor parts from different manufacturers

In 1/24 Production saloon Group 12 motors may be assembled from parts from more than one manufacturer and the permitted motors/ manufacturers list shall be the same as Open Group 12.   

Handbook amendment

"H3.1.2 No mixing of manufacturer’s parts is allowed. "shall be deleted and "H3.1.1  Only complete “C” can motors supplied by the following USRA approved manufacturers (and the motors in H3.1.3) are permitted:....."
to be replaced by

"H3.1.1   “C” Can Group 12 motors assembled from parts supplied by the following BSCRA approved manufacturers (see below)  are permitted, and complete motors listed in in H3.1.3 are also permitted.

Add to the approved list The earlier Koford "Feather"  : Kelly / Red Fox : Camen/TWP : Hershman / Fastones : Cahoza 230 and 231, UL Can, part number #232: Kamen K101 setup 

C3 1/24 Production - longer eligibility for ISRA shells

Once approved ISRA 1/24 Production shells shall remain on the approved list permanently.

Policy Amendment

" Also the ISRA approved shell shall be permitted in 1/24th production saloon. for 2 years after the first BOC it is made available."

to be replaced by

" Also the ISRA approved shell shall be permitted in 1/24th production saloon commencing with the 2015 approved shell."

C4 1/24 Eurosports to use ISRA bodyshells only

1/24 Eurosport bodyshells shall be replaced by the ISRA 1/24 Eurosport bodyshell. The previous version of the ISRA 1/24 Eurosport bodyshell will also be permitted. When a new ISRA 1/24 bodyshell is approved (ISRA approval is updated every 3 years, usually in October), the new shell will become eligible from 1st January after the shell is ISRA approved.
Main and Clubman grade drivers may use bodyshells from the existing BSCRA approved list, but will only be eligible for overall BOC championship points or overall National finals if they are using the "ISRA" shell.

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