Minutes of Meetings and Decisions

BSCRA Council  Meeting – 26 August 2017 at Corby

Those present - Mark Withan  (Chairman), David Sargent, Pat Skene, James Cleave, Bob Budge, Richy Kettleson, Kev Gray, Steve Sargent ,  Chris Frost  

Apologies for absence Graham Woodward

Nationals dates and Qualifying

There has been concern about the limited "lead time" between qualifying and the 1/32 Nationals.  Apparently some places have not been taken up because of lack of time to make arrangements.   A proposal to move the Nationals to later in the year was rejected by a majority vote, so the next 1/32 Nationals will be at BSCRA’s Slot Car Centre in Corby on 5-7 May 2018 (Mayday bank holiday weekend)   It was agreed to ask Areas to complete their qualifying meetings for the 2018 Nationals  by Sunday 11th February 2018.

Booking Events at BSCRA’s Slot Car Centre

We are keen to hold more events at our new Slot Car Centre in Corby.   It was agreed that a committee of Mark Witham, Bob Budge and David Sargent will deal with it, and coordinate with Gavin Wills and Steve Sargent as necessary .   Mark will be the first point of contact about bookings.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, August 2017

Permanent Home for the BSCRA Track

BSCRA and West Tec have signed an agreement to give the BSCRA Track a permanent home on a mezzanine floor at West Tec's premises in Corby

It is planned that this will be the venue for our National Championships once the track room is finished.  Volunteers are hard at work making this happen and we hope to have it all ready in time for the 2017 1/24 International in August.  We'll be making further announcements as the work progresses.

As many of you will remember, we have had Nationals tracks set up permanently before.   This has proved to keep tracks in good condition for longer as deterioration and the risk of accidental damage is inevitable when a track is moved to a temporary venue just for a weekend's racing.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, June 2017

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