Minutes of Meetings and Decisions

BSCRA Annual Council  Meeting – 22 October 2017 at Enderby

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman & safeguarding), David Sargent (Treasurer), Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary),  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), Bob Budge (National Events Development Officer) , Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator),  Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)

Apologies for absence James Cleave (Development Officer), Richy Kettleson  (PRO),   Pat Skene  (SCRN editor )

Chairman's Report

Mark Witham  thanked all the officials and volunteers who made our events so successful this year and particularly thanked all those who had helped set up our new national centre

BSCRA Officials

Since the last annual meeting Mark Witham has been appointed chairman and  Richy Kettleson  has been appointed Public Relations Officer.

The other officials, including the Area Co-ordinators and Competition Rules  Committee (CRC) members continue in their existing roles.  

Treasurer’s report

The major change this year is we are now paying rent and utilities for our new national centre instead of venue hire, transport and track storage charges. On direct running costs, the 1/32 Nats, Team Race and 1/24 International made a reasonable surplus. The main publicity event for us  was the UK Slot Festival where for the second year we ran championship racing on the Nats track. The combination of entry fees and most of the volunteers covering their own expenses contributed to this event breaking even.
SCRN continues to attract a healthy number of extra overseas subscriptions, and is very valuable for keeping up membership.  Overall the association made a surplus which has gone towards an upgrade of our membership software and purchase of a permanent computer for race control at the national centre. The remaining surplus will be held in reserve towards  the cost of a replacement of the borrowed projector and public address system and for the new track.


The on line payment by BACS transfer and PayPal have continued to work well for both membership fees and  advanced payment of entry fees for National events. BACS transfers are free whereas  PayPal  makes a charge for the transaction. Therefore, members are encouraged to use  BACS.

Sponsors - The council thanked WOW, kslotcar, SCD and Betta for their sponsoship of trophies: WOW, SCD and Betta adverts in SCRN and WOW, kslotcar, SCD, Missile, AB Slot and Betta on website.

We always have room for more sponsorship!


It was agreed UK membership for 2018 will remain unchanged from 2017 as last year's increase has covered the increased costs of magazine distribution. The 2018 rates are £32 Adult, £16 Junior, £8 Junior Assoc, £12 Family Assoc. and club registration fee £12. Magazine only memberships will once again be available for international racers priced at £26 Europe and £32 ROW. However in anticipation of greater international participation in the lead up to the 2019 worlds in the UK it was agreed that international racers would need to pay an additional £12 annual licence fee to participate in BSCRA national events. This ensures that international members make a contribution to the rest of the association running costs(other than SCRN) in line with that of UK members.

Kev reported that the change over to rolling membership renewals (rather than have them all due on a single date) had gone smoothly.  Renewal becomes due every 12 months, members are reminded by e mail. These changes make no difference to the 1st February deadline for Nationals qualification numbers.  In order to vote on rule changes etc. you need to be a member on the day you vote.  

Kev has an e mail address for all but one current member.  He added that it was important for members to inform him if their e mail address changes

Slot Car Racing News

The council thanked Pat Skene for the excellent magazine, and gratefully accepted Pat's offer to continue producing the magazine with 4 issues in 2018.

Rule Changes -  

The online voting on the rule changes has gone well.  

The council agreed to a revised policy for production chassis. this is now online.

The existing Handbook will be updated in time for the start of the 2018 season.  

Work is under way on a major revision of the Handbook to give a clearer presentation of the existing rules.  When complete and approved this will supersede the existing Handbook. This new Handbook won't change the rules, any rule changes or clarifications will need to be approved in the normal way.

The revised policy for production chassis was agreed.

National Slot Centre

We are happy hire the track for race meetings for series such s the BSL and ProAm.   It is the responsibility of the hirer to run the races.  A download of the LapMaster system is available, this might be useful  to gain familiarity with the system before arriving at the track.

There was discussion of how we could deal with track failures.  Some low cost items have occasionally failed, additional spares are now held with the track.  Although the main elements of the race control system haven't  failed it would be a major problem if they did.    The options for a spare race control system were either  spares for the present LapMaster system or have a different system in reserve. Although it is possible to wire the track more for than one system so that those with technical knowledge of the track could change it over quite quickly, making it suitable for less expert hirers to change would be difficult.    It was decided to investigate buying a spare LapMaster box.       

Nationals Organisation

Bob Budge is making arrangements for the three 2018 1/32nd National Championship and the 1/24th International all of which will be held at our National Centre in Corby.  It was agreed to keep entry fees the same as 2017 except for an effective reduction in the Clubmans Nats as they no longer have to pay the museum entry fee.

The Clubmans Nats will be open to all clubman grade members, there is no need to limit numbers  as there is plenty of time available to accommodate a larger entry at the Centre.   

Clubman Nats entry - Per class -  advanced entry £12 adult, £6 Juniors : on the day £15 adult, £6 Juniors

1/32 Nats - The earlier entry deadline tried in 2017 did help with the reallocation of unused places, although there were still problems within some areas  with drivers not deciding if they want a place. For 2018 the entry deadline will be 18 March.

1/32 Nats entry per class -  advanced entry  £16 adult, £8 Juniors : on the day £20 adult, £8 Juniors

Production Challenge/ Team - entry - per individual class -  advanced entry £12 adult, £6 Juniors : on the day £15 adult, £6 Juniors: Per team advanced entry £54: on the day £68, there will be the option for team members to pay separately at £13.50 per team member pre entry and £17 per member on day

1/24 International  - entry - per individual class -  advanced entry adult £15 junior £8 : on day £19 adult & £8 junior. There is a £12 licence fee for non UK members

British Open Championship

There has been a noted reduction in the number of suitable 1/24th venues available over the last 2 years.

There has also been a significant reduction in racers supporting this series of late mainly due to long-standing 1/24th racers being less active. To help attract new participants it is suggested host clubs run practice until at least 1.00pm on Saturdays. This will make it easier for those with limited time & funding to just travel on Saturday at a sensible hour & still get good practice time.

Clubs are reminded that they are supposed to produce reports for Slot Car Racing News and send them to Pat, suitably captioned photos and tech charts are the minimum. Also advanced publicity for the events and the results are to be sent to Chris for the BSCRA website.

Associated Championships

There are currently 3 championships (BSL, Southern 32, and ProAm) where BSCRA endeavour to  arrange calendar dates and host their web sites.  Each of these championships are responsible for organising their venues.  Each run to their own rules which are not identical to BSCRA rules, although they are broadly similar.   There is other racing such as some Retro races and the Wing Car Championship which are included on the BSCRA calendar and some information may be posted on the BSCRA web site.  These race organisers set their own dates and rules.

ISRA World Championship

The ISRA World Championship will be held in the UK in October 2019.    This is being organised by the British Worlds bid team, who are building a new 8 lane track for the event.     It is envisaged some BSCRA events will be organised on the Worlds track before the event, more details will be available nearer the time.

BSCRA on Facebook

It was agreed that the running of a BSCRA Facebook page which is open to all, and a separate closed group for BSCRA members only was useful and will continue.      BSCRA members are encouraged to join both groups.

It was agreed that clubs wishing to put news of their regular club racing online should be encouraged to put it on their own club Facebook groups / pages or club websites.   The BSCRA Facebook groups are intended for items that are of interest over a wider area.


There have been no reportable incidents

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, November 2017


BSCRA Council  Meeting – 26 August 2017 at Corby

Those present - Mark Withan  (Chairman), David Sargent, Pat Skene, James Cleave, Bob Budge, Richy Kettleson, Kev Gray, Steve Sargent ,  Chris Frost  

Apologies for absence Graham Woodward

Nationals dates and Qualifying

There has been concern about the limited "lead time" between qualifying and the 1/32 Nationals.  Apparently some places have not been taken up because of lack of time to make arrangements.   A proposal to move the Nationals to later in the year was rejected by a majority vote, so the next 1/32 Nationals will be at BSCRA’s Slot Car Centre in Corby on 5-7 May 2018 (Mayday bank holiday weekend)   It was agreed to ask Areas to complete their qualifying meetings for the 2018 Nationals  by Sunday 11th February 2018.

Booking Events at BSCRA’s Slot Car Centre

We are keen to hold more events at our new Slot Car Centre in Corby.   It was agreed that a committee of Mark Witham, Bob Budge and David Sargent will deal with it, and coordinate with Gavin Wills and Steve Sargent as necessary .   Mark will be the first point of contact about bookings.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, August 2017


Permanent Home for the BSCRA Track

BSCRA and West Tec have signed an agreement to give the BSCRA Track a permanent home on a mezzanine floor at West Tec's premises in Corby

It is planned that this will be the venue for our National Championships once the track room is finished.  Volunteers are hard at work making this happen and we hope to have it all ready in time for the 2017 1/24 International in August.  We'll be making further announcements as the work progresses.

As many of you will remember, we have had Nationals tracks set up permanently before.   This has proved to keep tracks in good condition for longer as deterioration and the risk of accidental damage is inevitable when a track is moved to a temporary venue just for a weekend's racing.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, June 2017

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